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全球地产增值潜力城市排名——墨尔本第二 日前,某机构根据气候环境、生活品质、政府规划、经济基础、技术产业、增值潜力等增值因素列出了全球地产增值最有潜力的12座城市。榜单上,墨尔本凭借人口增长迅猛,房产稳定增值等优势夺得第二名。 根据City Of Melbourne的数据显示,墨尔本所在维多利亚州被称为是“澳洲第二大经济支柱”,生产总值占澳洲国内生产总值(GDP)的四分之一。维州仅占全澳土地的3%,但却承担了24%的澳洲经济活动。在过去的9年中,维州维持着年均3.0%的稳定经济增长率。 维州政府认为,墨尔本有望在2050年成为澳洲最富有的城市。经济高速增长,居民由于就业、低利率以及收入增多,会对未来产生良好预期,对增量住房市场的需求也会大幅提高,房产市场会出现供销两旺、价格稳步上升的现象。为了适应成为全澳最大的就业中心变化,墨尔本的硬件正在全面优化和升级,投资额数以亿计。 墨尔本经济和就业的发展得益于基础设施的投资,包括交通设施和城市新建开发项目。特别是与就业相关的项目。越来越多国内高净值人士看好墨尔本城市规划井然、生活品质优越、经济实力雄厚等优势前往墨尔本购置房产。澳洲房产素来以稳健著称,全球经济危机之时,澳洲房产彰显出无可比拟的抗跌性和保值性,墨尔本是最稳健的城市之一。


联盟党政府今天宣布将通过一系列措施,进一步完善澳大利亚的外国投资框架。 政府已认识到,外国资本对帮助本国经济发展、提供就业岗位具有关键作用。现行的外国投资体制在住宅房地产领域的目标为,引导外国投资进入新建房屋领域,以供澳大利亚人民购买或租赁。 政府的本次变革将保证这一目标的实现,并将确保相关规章的贯彻实施,禁止非居民外国投资人购买现有房屋。 作为众议院经济常务委员会的前任主席,看到政府采取了委员会的全部建议,我感到十分欣慰。 今天宣布的内容有: 将处理外国投资住宅申请的责任从外国投资审查委员会(Foreign Investment Review Board,简称FIRB)转移至澳大利亚税务局(Australian Taxation Office,简称ATO),从而进一步落实现有规章; 对违章者加重刑事处罚,包括调高罚款与采取监禁处罚; 新加民事处罚,确保违章者无法从非法购买中获利; 新加民事与刑事处罚,惩处在知情情况下协助外国投资人违章的第三方; 收取申请费,确保澳大利亚纳税人不须再承担框架管理成本; 建立全国土地注册簿,提高澳大利亚境内外国投资水平透明度;以及 实行外国投资框架现代化与简易化,达成40年来最大的体制改革。 政府同时宣布,从2015年5月4日星期一开始,ATO将负责行使外国投资框架中的住宅房地产方面职能,包括审计、合规与执行。这一新的工作单位拥有高端数据匹配技术,将利用ATO现有数据,与边境保护与移民部(Department of Border Protection and Immigration)、澳大利亚交易与分析中心(Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre,简称AUSTRAC)以及其他机构持有的其他数据集进行匹配。 此外,ATO还将向有参与违反外国投资框架嫌疑的个人与公司签发信函。ATO还会对公众举报的房地产销售展开调查,并会对过去十年内售出的房地产进行随机审计。

  • Testimonials

    Vendor, J & C   

    May did a fantastic job in selling our home which was completed in a timely fashion and for the price we expected. May is organised, knowledgeable and very professional. I highly recommend her and Weast to anyone who is selling a property.

    Vendor, P & S   

    Thank you so much for the effort you put into selling our home. The offer you achieved was beyond our expectations, If in the future when we are selling our house again, you will be our agent of choice. Good luck May.

    Buyer, C & M   

    May was very helpful throughout the process of viewing, inspecting and negotiating the purchase of our new home. She was friendly and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the purchase.

    Vendor, Nick & Jackie   

    May showed integrity and most of all we trusted her. My advice to anyone considering selling their home is that they must feel comfortable with their agent. We would have no hesitation in recommending May to anyone trying to decide between agents.

    Buyer, Mr J. Ding   

    Since we speak very little English it's very important that May understands our needs. She helped us find the most suitable property within our budget. May also recommended and arranged a few private schools for our family to visit. Our son now is happily enrolled in a prestigious college near our new home, he couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for your help and time!

    Buyer, Sam   

    We were impressed by May’s enthusiasm and efficiency; she helped us to see the property with its advantages and disadvantages. She analysed our needs and pointed out the most important things on our list. She was able to negotiate with the owner and made it happen.

    Vendor M.A   

    May has done everything she promised and more. She is smart and honest...
    May is absolutely fantastic - I cannot over emphasis how hard she worked to achieve an outstanding result for me that was life changing - thanks May

    Vendor M.B   

    One of the very Best Agents in Melbourne. Achieved the best possible result.
    I was fortunate to have May selling my property in Bayside area April 2017 and May was presented with many difficult situations she had to overcome. May`s professionalism showed through on all occasions in all situations with an outstanding result achieved with the sale. One situation involved Tenants who made life extremely difficult relative to inspections and cooperation. May was able to negotiate with the tenants and maintain a good working relationship under extreme circumstances Also May didn`t leave a stone unturned when it came to prospective purchasers and followed up all until it became evident they were not able to purchase. She is a diligent person who is tireless with her efforts to sell.

    Vendor V.R   

    We are very happy with the outcome that was achieved. Price was better than expected and the inconvenience was minimal and sale was achieved in good time. At this point of time we would certainly consider using may again.

    Vendor, DH   

    After dealing with many local agents, it was a pleasure dealing with May Wang from Weast. Her efficient and effective work resulted in an extremely prompt and great sale for us. May remained positive throughout our campaign and she worked diligently to get the best possible outcome for us. She was honest with us throughout and made no promises that she could not back up. The entire process from listing, photos, inspections and sale was so professionally handled. A great price achieved so quickly and efficiently is recommendation in itself for May. Thanks again May!

    Buyer, KB   

    We highly recommend May as a hard working, professional, warm and honest agent. Just when our house hunt looked like it was going to last forever, along came May. She restores our faith in the process of purchasing and real estate agents. We really felt as though we could put our trust in May. Obviously May was working for the vendor, although she always acted professionally with open and honest communication; worked hard to chase the sale (being in sales myself I know this is not always the case - especially given the current house market) and made the whole experience pleasant and stress free. We highly recommend May.

    Buyer, B.H   

    Very helpfull and attentive a pleasure to deal with...

    Vendor, M.S   

    Focus and Dedication! If you are looking for an agent with focus, dedication, responsive communication, innovative planning and strategies and access to high end buyers from Australia and China, May Wang is that person. We highly recommend her to others looking to sell.

    Vendor, Bron   

    I was very nervous about the whole business of selling my home.. May has a terrific way of explaining all you need to know, listening to any concerns, instilling confidence and following through professionally. I felt 'in good hands' and the communication was clear, upfront and no 'mucking around' with an honest appraisal and expectations. My home was sold so fast at a good price that I still cannot believe it! It was fabulous to avoid the whole auction process and I knew that May was bringing the right people straight to my door with the minimum of fuss. I would highly recommend May anytime.

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    Camberwell, Vic 3124

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